Saturday, 9 May 2009

Been having a play.....

........ and seem to have started my very own blog. OK its very basic I know, but the truth is I haven't got a clue what I am This is very much trial and error and its early days yet.

Gonna have a go and see if I can upload a pic......
Oooooh it worked!
Who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks.
Anyway, this is a card I made for a challenge I came across. The idea is to make a card to brighten some body's day. Check out this link to Post pals! Such a great reason for making cards! And that is where my card is off to. Well done & thank you to the DT team at for highlighting such a worthy cause.
Right on that note I am going to see it I can do my first post on my new blog.........Oh the kids will be soooooooo impressed if I can pull this off!


  1. Yee ha! Welcome to blogland Kaz :-) Gorgeous card for your first post! Will add you to my blogroll so I can visit often
    Pauline x

  2. ooh ! I was your first ever commenter ! Awww! Lovin' it!
    Pauline x

  3. Welcome to blogland Kaz! I knew you'd have to join us eventually! lol
    Gorgeous card - love colour...and it's a great image to send to a Post Pal!
    Helen x

  4. HA haaa!! I found ya too! welcome to blog land!! te hehehee!! FANTASITC card Kaz!! beautiful! :0) have fun happy blogging :0)


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