Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow and more snow!

Well, the kids went to bed last night in a state of extreme excitement.....and they were not disappointed this morning. All schools in the city closed & not one bus running. What a way to end the school term! And seeing as I work in a school it's no work for Mum either (yippy!)
So here's a taster of how our morning has been.
Woke up to this sight.
Light enough to go out to play!
The view of the sea at the end of our road, looks really weird having snow in the foreground. We are not used to this on the South coast.

Time to get serious, nearly at the park.
Woo hoo......down comes my son. turn. much fun is this!

Just had to take a peek at the beach before heading home to warm up.

Hot chocolate here we come.
Keep safe & warm where ever you are!

Kaz xx


  1. Hello Kaz. WOW, you have had a lot of snow, no wonder the children were excited. We have had some but not as much as you. Its fine at the moment but very cold. Your pictures look very idyllic and beautiful.
    Have a nice day. Keep warm.
    Love Sandra xx

  2. do have a lot of snow!
    Love the photos...especially the one of you big kid! lol
    Helen x

  3. Woo hoo KAz - looks like a total winter wonderland. I am sitting here looking out of the window at the sun ... NO snow whatsoever ... ... YET! Glad you're having a fab time.
    Pauline x

  4. Wonderful photos, love the last two. Thanks for sharing. Anesha


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