Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow kitty....

Thought I'd just share a couple of pics taken in the garden today.

Our daft kitty actually seems to enjoy the snow!! He spent ages out in it, leaping & pouncing about.

Bless him his little paws were sooooooooo cold when he finally came in doors. Spent the rest of the day in true kitty style..............................sleeping!
That's it for me now, I'm off to my bed.
Nighty night.
Kaz xx


  1. Awwwwwwh, what a silly kitty! We used to have one that head-butted snowdrifts. Vince on the other hand only head butts the duvet. Your kitty is gorgeous hun and looks like he's having soooo much fun. Bless. Hugs, Sxx

  2. What a brave Kitty cat, my Skipper stayed in till the little snow we had melted! Great photos.

  3. Te hehehee aww your kitty look so cute all grown up and playing in the snow! Love your card too! :0) xx


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